Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden

Visit the Dorint Maison Messmer in Baden-Baden!

The 5-star Dorint Hotel Maison Messmer Baden-Baden is as sophisticated as the town itself, with its southern European flair and legendary history. The resort hotel in the traditional spa town of Baden-Baden in the Black-Forest is the ideal location for a luxurious wellness vacation and the Maison Messmer represents the perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity. In the spa area of the hotel, you will be spirited away to an oasis of rest and relaxation.

Set off on your journey of discovery from our hotel: get to know the charming town of Baden-Baden with its many facets and enjoy the unique southern European flair and the refreshing joie de vivre of Germany’s ‘summer capital’. Or embark on excursions in the legendary Black Forest region, which has its very own unique traditions. Or treat yourself to a golfing holiday in the popular golf area of the Baden Alsace.

No matter what’s your preference, your time at the Dorint Hotel Maison Messmer Baden-Baden is sure to be memorable.